Must Have Super Hero Themed Pinball Machines – My Top 5 Picks

Super Heroes are not just found in comic books or on the silver screen. Pinball machine manufacturers have taken advantage of the allure of various Super Heroes and immortalized them in pinball games. Some of these machines are based on the character straight from the comic book while others are based on the movie that was originally based on the comic book character. Described below are a few of my favorite Super Hero themed pinballs.

Flash Gordon Pinball Machine (Bally, 1980)

The Flash Gordon pinball machine is based on the popular character from comics, films,s and a movie. This particular pinball game is primarily based on the 1980 movie of the same title. It was designed by Claude Fernandez with artwork by Kevin O’Connor. A neat feature of this game is that it has an upper playfield that can be reached by 2 different ramps. The upper playfield features one 2″ flipper. One bummer is that it doesn’t have a multi-ball. Around 10,000 of these pinballs were made so it should be relatively easy to find one for around $700.

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Incredible Hulk Pinball Machine(1979, Gottlieb)

The backglass features Dr. Bruce Banner transforming into the Incredible Hulk from the comic book series that was started in 1962 by Marvel Comics. Like the “Amazing Spider-Man” pinball game, this one is based on the original “Incredible Hulk” comic book series and not the movie or TV series. This comic book hero pinball was designed by Ed Krynski with artwork by Gordon Morison. The playfield has a large Hulk in its middle with the word “hulk” equally as large. It is rather colorful with 16 Hulks throughout the playfield! Around 6,000 of these Incredible Hulk Pinballs were made by Gottlieb. Prices vary on this from from $1,000 – $4,000+

Superman Pinball Machine (1979, Atari)

This Pinball features Superman as he was seen in the comic book series not the Superman movie series. Atari manufactured around 3,000-5,000 of these Superman pinball machines in 1979. It was designed by Steve Ritchie with artwork done by George Opperman. On the back glass you’ll see Louis Lane, Lex Luther, Clark Kent and of course, Superman. The side of the cabinet shows Superman in flight. The background is white with red and blue over it. The play field seems to have just about every color of the rainbow on it – red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, hot pink, black and white. Even with all of these colors I find it pleasing to look at. This game is a “wide body” which means exactly what it says – the game is wider than usual pinball games. This one is 29″ wide. While this can be neat to see a larger play field, the down side is that often the game play is a little slow but this can be easily modified. One of the goals in this pinball game is to light “S-U-P-E-R-M-A-N”. This can get you an extra ball, special and up to 50,000 points.

Batman Pinball Machine (Stern, 2008)

This is another great super hero themed pinball machine from Stern Pinball. The Batman Pinball was designed by George Gomez with artwork done by Kevin O’Connor and Margaret Hudson. One neat feature on this pinball game is the moving crane that has a pinball attached which can be hit during play. You could pick one up for between $4,500-$6,000. PinDude from the Vintage Pinball Store had this to say about the Batman Pinball Machine:

“This one suffers from lack of finished software. A lot of modes are unfinished. If Stern would finish the software it would be a good game. It has good shots and very good artwork and of course a good theme. I like the moving crane.”

Spiderman Pinball Machine (Stern, 2007)

Unlike Gottlieb’s 1980 “Amazing Spider-Man” pinball machine, this one is based on the popular movie series. Stern took all 3 Spider-Man movies and combined them into one awesome pinball. The 2007 Spiderman Pinball Machine was designed by Steve Ritchie with artwork done by Kevin O’Conner, Margaret Hudson, Mark Galvez & Marc Schoenberg. You could pick one up for between $4,500-$5,500. PinDude from the Vintage Pinball Store had this to say about the Spider Man Pinball Machine:

“I consider the 2007¬†Spiderman Pinball¬†Machine to be on par with Addams Family. In my opinion it is one of the top 5 DMD games. It has pretty much everything – great shots, great artwork and great sound. It is going to become highly collectible, just like Addams Family.”

So there you have it. My top 6 pics for the best Super Hero Pinball Machines. If you happen to be both a comic book collector and pinball enthusiast, then one of the above mentioned pinball games may be just what you need to ad to your collection. While the prices for these used pinball machines are decent estimates, you can fully expect that prices will increase should a new movie be made about any of the super hero characters mentioned. If I had my choice, I would purchase the Wonder Woman Pinball Machine. Unfortunately, no one has made that one yet! So I would settle for a 2007 SpiderMan Pinball Machine from Stern.

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